KNOW ABOUT ME


User Experience

Product Managment

Good Technology Understanding

Photoshop & Design Abilities

Web Development

My Goal:

Keep My Users Happy

Make It Simple

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Attention To Details 

I always enjoyed spending time designing estetic little things, I like dealing with details, fighting ugly interfaces and complicated flows.


I used to be a dancer, now I do it as a hobby but I never miss a class, I like the way it makes me feel and how it inspires me.


What I like most about my job is the amazing oportinity to use 2 very different platforms,

web and mobile, that complete each other and combine beautifully. 


I do it ALL, I take UX requiremrnts from concept to delivery, define features and flows and delivering a wining experience.


I love solving people's problems through creative, beatiful & Awesome User Experience.

If You Like It, Get In Touch.